Wendi Breese Warren 


Wendi, a recent addition to the team, has taken on the arduous task of putting words to paper.

For as long as she can remember, Wendi has loved to write. When she was younger, she wrote poems for her parents. In school, she had to tackle a variety of writing requirements.

Since graduating with a Master's degree in counselling, Wendi has immersed herself in several writing projects. She is the founder of Wendi's Weekend Trips & Whatnot, a lifestyle blog. She writes content for other websites and blogs. Her writings have appeared in newspapers. 

Wendi has also published two Kindle books: "Princess Grace: A Tale of Faith, Hope and Love." She describes it as an allegorical story of God’s love. Her other book is "Joy of Budgeting," which she wrote to help people take charge of their financial lives. Along with the books, Wendi has also written three screenplays.

Wendi lives in Wooster, Ohio, with her husband, Bobby, and their pets.